Monday, 21 July 2014

Thursday, 17 July 2014


Hey World!:)

Jamaica recently welcomed a new restaurant in Kingston which prepares Greek cuisine. So when one of my friends birthday rolled around, i suggested that we tried something new and head to Opa Greek Restaurant and Lounge for her first birthday celebration of the week -- a good ol' girls night dinner!

The hostess for the evening was really lovely and pleasant; I can't imagine she had any trouble making friends in her life. Her presence was natural, not forced and overbearing which was a great factor. Our waiter was pleasant and knowledgeable of the menu. He could provide us with information on the different dishes. The decor of the restaurant was gorgeously chic with some statement pieces/ areas. My only regrets was that all my girls did not get to make it and also because i was driving so i couldn't partake in the extensive wine list!

All in all, i would definitely dine there again but on that night i will not be the designated responsible driver! Below are a few snaps from the night.

I was feeling Summer Whites with the Midas Touch:)
Lemon flavored baked chicken served with roasted garlic potatoes. 

Boneless, slow-roasted pork loin with feta cheese and sundried tomatoes. (Bday girls' choice)

Pizza Kotopoulo
Greek cheeses, Greek-style tomato sauce and chicken fillet.
I ordered the pizza. I had plans of ordering something else but i just can't resist pizza! But i promise the next time i visit i'll order (this and) something else! ^_^

After dinner while catching up, laughing and acting silly with my girls (since we haven't spent time in months) the Opa! team came out singing and brought a lil excitement for the birthday girl!

Also at Opa! the birthday celebrant will be allowed to break a plate and shout "Opa!!!" lol. 
Well provided the time of day is good, the mood of the other customers and other factors.

And she loved every minute we spent at the restaurant and i'm glad. 
Thanks alot, Opa!

Love them!

Wednesday, 16 July 2014

I Wanna Be Loved

Hey World!:)

In honour of Buju Banton's birthday [15/7] yesterday, HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY BUJU, i decided to post a song of his that i realized many girls are on the prowl for -- "love". Anyways, i won't get into my late discovery now but just pree the song for yourself!

I wanna be loved,
Not for who you think I am,
Nor what you want me to be,
Could you love be for me?
Real love, with no strings attached,
I wanna give you my heart,
Don't want to take it back.

A this is my chat, cho,
Been searching for a long long time,
For that oh-so-true love,
To comfort this heart of mine.
No pretence stop wasting my time,
A virtuous woman is really hard to find.
I'm telling you lady,
I'm only human, not looking for impossibility,
Just a genuine woman with sincerity.
Someone who is always near to hold me,
Show me you care, up front and boldly.
Don't shun my feelings, all the positive meanings,
Love me morning, noon, all seasons. 

Bless up yuh self Buju. Just keep the faith, better days are ahead!