Friday, 1 July 2016

Adventures of a Jamaican Pizza Connoisseur

Hey World! ^_^

My addiction to pizza is too real sometimes. I've been dreaming of pizza lately and am now residing in a depressive misery of my own making. So until i decide to cave in to my pizza desires [woah!!! it felt like something just released a dizzy spell or burst in my head, i kid you not! *insert worried face*... anyway, back to the post at hand], I've decided to reminisce on the pizza that was...

XX-Large Pepperoni Pizza with Pineapple for two please & thanks!

I've been wanting to sample Brick Stone Pizza from the moment i heard about the owner, Mr. Austin but unfortunately never got the chance to do so until recently. The man behind, Brick Stone Pizza was taught how to make Italian style pizzas while working in a pizzeria for many years New York and he has brought back what he has learned to Jamaica. Customer service is something many businesses in Jamaica disturbingly lacks but Mr. Austin must have gathered them all-- his personality is gold! 

        Brick Stone Pizza's menu offering

Brick Stone Pizza is located at 105 1/2 East Street, Downtown, Kingston which is in close proximity to The Gleaner Company. They do offer delivery service so you can give him a call at (876) 854-1384 & place your order.

Listen to me now! When i ordered the XX-Large pizza, i was expecting a small pizza similar to what is normally offered in Jamaica. But this pizza was huge, when i saw the box the pizza would be going in my heart fluttered a bit with excitement. These pizzas really are prepared on heated ((hot)) brick stones, hence the name and the flavour. I was pleasantly pleased!!

On my next visit, i'll definitely be trying Brick Stone's gourmet pizza.

Monday, 7 March 2016

Reggae Falls

Hi World!:)

This was a random, spur of the moment trip and i loved every moment of it! Two of my girls and I made the trip to St. Thomas on the hunt for Reggae Falls. This location isn't a natural waterfall like that of say, Dunn's River Falls but it is an old water dam in St. Thomas. Hence, why it is also refereed to as Damhead.

My favourite combination made for a good time:
road trip + good girlfriends + laughter + water = one amazing day!

 Acting stupid & acting out smh :)

Reggae Falls

If you are ever in St. Thomas, make sure to visit Reggae Falls!

Friday, 1 January 2016


Hi world!:)
It's that time of the year when i have a little freedom to explore before the hectic work schedule resumes. So the wonderful month of November will be my month of discovery and adventure while home in Jamaica. Last week Saturday, i opted to visit Serendipity Holistic Resort in Irish Town, Blue Mountains, Jamaica.

Upon our arrival, we were greeted with beauty and i mean from the very beginning; beauty was even found in the gate. Our tour guide for the evening was lovely and by extension every member of the Serendipity staff we came in contact with. There are beautifully constructed cabins on the property, if you are interested in staying for a while. Other facilities such as a conference room, spa, bar and restaurant are available. As well as at Serendipity they do a little sustainable farming and also have a miniature zoo.

Picture of the gong upon entering the premises (left) and statute of Buddha (right). 

Swimming in the ice cold river water.

After you have a dip in the water, you can warm up in the hot tub provided at Serendipity.


 Washing off the crawsis (lol)

It was a relaxing and welcomed getaway from the city life. I enjoyed the road trip with my girls and had an even greater time on the property. I would recommend Serendipity Holistic Resort to persons visiting the island.