Thursday, 28 September 2017

The Sunken City

Hey World! ^_^

It has been a while since I've explored my beautiful island but alas that has changed! I recently visited two new [to me] Jamaican destinations. It is hard to believe that I've been a native, resident of Jamaica, all my life (exaggeration, intended) and i had never visited "The Sunken City" my post title eludes to. 

"The Sunken City" I speak of is in Port Royal (Kingston, Jamaica). A few days ago, on August 17 to be exact, i was listening to a program on the radio entitled *deepens voice to mock the program host's introduction* "This Day In History" *ends mockery*. The host said on the aforementioned date in a specific year which evades my memory now, that Port Royal was destroyed for the third time by flood.

Welcome to Port Royal

St. Peter's Anglican Church (Port Royal)
The Original building was destroyed and this structure was built to replace it.
Side note: I love the look of Anglican and Catholic churches on the island. 
(If i must confess, this love does emanate from the soul of a Christian, who just happens to be an Anglican, and who also went to an Anglican high school.)

This year, 2017, marks the 325th anniversary of the earthquake that destroyed Port Royal. 
St. Peter's Church was not the only structure which sank in that earthquake, a large section of the town sank as well and about 2,000 persons died as a result of the earth's tremor.


After passing the beautiful structure of the St. Peter's Church we headed to Fort Charles.

 The crenelation of Fort Charles with defensive fortifications.

 Photo showing Giddy House in the distance.

This is that thing they taught us about in Geography class in our local Jamaican schools. 
As the tour guide spoke, a light bulb went off in my head but soon after it was extinguished.

 Giddy House at Fort Charles (Port Royal)
Giddy House was built in 1888 to store the ordnance for the Fort.

 Additional side note: I have a thing for red bricks too.


Monday, 28 November 2016

A Stamp In Time

Hey World! ^_^

I recently accompanied my dad to the Central Sorting Office located on South Camp Road and my interest in pretty little things was tickled by Jamaica's postage stamps. I might just become a philatetist. But i must say the prettiest stamps, would have to be those of the athletes & i didn't get to take pictures of those *major sad face*

What is philately?
Philately is the hobby of the collection and study of postage stamps, postmarks, stamped envelopes, postal history and just about anything related to the postal system.

A Philatelist's Dream
Just look at this Bob Marley stamp. I can understand why these would be a collectors item. 
 Bob Marley stamps

Jamaica's pretty stamps (2016)

Sunday, 27 November 2016

Jerk Pork Redux

Hey World! ^_^

So i had a Boneless Jerk Pork served with Creamed Sweet Potato and Garlic Greens courtesy of the Grog Shoppe Restaurant at Devon House (Kingston, Jamaica). The Jerk Pork was so flavourful and tender; this redux was DIVINE!!!! 

Boneless Jerk Pork served with Creamed Sweet Potato and Garlic Greens

Boneless Jerk Pork served with Creamed Sweet Potato and Garlic Greens

The Garlic Greens
(Garlic Callaloo)

Glass of Wine