Monday, 28 November 2016

A Stamp In Time

Hey World! ^_^

I recently accompanied my dad to the Central Sorting Office located on South Camp Road and my interest in pretty little things was tickled by Jamaica's postage stamps. I might just become a philatetist. But i must say the prettiest stamps, would have to be those of the athletes & i didn't get to take pictures of those *major sad face*

What is philately?
Philately is the hobby of the collection and study of postage stamps, postmarks, stamped envelopes, postal history and just about anything related to the postal system.

A Philatelist's Dream
Just look at this Bob Marley stamp. I can understand why these would be a collectors item. 
 Bob Marley stamps

Jamaica's pretty stamps (2016)

Sunday, 27 November 2016

Jerk Pork Redux

Hey World! ^_^

So i had a Boneless Jerk Pork served with Creamed Sweet Potato and Garlic Greens courtesy of the Grog Shoppe Restaurant at Devon House (Kingston, Jamaica). The Jerk Pork was so flavourful and tender; this redux was DIVINE!!!! 

Boneless Jerk Pork served with Creamed Sweet Potato and Garlic Greens

Boneless Jerk Pork served with Creamed Sweet Potato and Garlic Greens

The Garlic Greens
(Garlic Callaloo)

Glass of Wine

Friday, 1 July 2016

Adventures of a Jamaican Pizza Connoisseur

Hey World! ^_^

My addiction to pizza is too real sometimes. I've been dreaming of pizza lately and am now residing in a depressive misery of my own making. So until i decide to cave in to my pizza desires [woah!!! it felt like something just released a dizzy spell or burst in my head, i kid you not! *insert worried face*... anyway, back to the post at hand], I've decided to reminisce on the pizza that was...

XX-Large Pepperoni Pizza with Pineapple for two please & thanks!

I've been wanting to sample Brick Stone Pizza from the moment i heard about the owner, Mr. Austin but unfortunately never got the chance to do so until recently. The man behind, Brick Stone Pizza was taught how to make Italian style pizzas while working in a pizzeria for many years New York and he has brought back what he has learned to Jamaica. Customer service is something many businesses in Jamaica disturbingly lacks but Mr. Austin must have gathered them all-- his personality is gold! 

        Brick Stone Pizza's menu offering

Brick Stone Pizza is located at 105 1/2 East Street, Downtown, Kingston which is in close proximity to The Gleaner Company. They do offer delivery service so you can give him a call at (876) 854-1384 & place your order.

Listen to me now! When i ordered the XX-Large pizza, i was expecting a small pizza similar to what is normally offered in Jamaica. But this pizza was huge, when i saw the box the pizza would be going in my heart fluttered a bit with excitement. These pizzas really are prepared on heated ((hot)) brick stones, hence the name and the flavour. I was pleasantly pleased!!

On my next visit, i'll definitely be trying Brick Stone's gourmet pizza.