Friday, 2 January 2015

Bucolic Pursuit

Hey World!

Just some random pics while roving across Jamaica for the Christmas Holiday.

I love horses! 

 Plants are among the most resilient... I just loved this shot!

 Jamaican Snake Plant

 Sweetsop Lover <3

 Jerk Chicken courtesy of Lyming at Walkerswood

Monday, 29 December 2014

Stush Gyal Dukunu

Hey World! :)

Just wanted to show you some Dukunu i made the other day. Some folks from church laughed at me so hard when i shared with them, that i make Dukunu in foil ^_^. Maybe one day i'll try the banana leaf version but for now 'just pass mi ma foil paper'. This really should be a recipe everyone knows, especially those among us having it hard to provide for their children because it can really "stop gap" (fill you up when you are hungry). You know what, I think i'll post the recipe soon. 

Monday, 24 November 2014

Restaurant Week 2014 Diary Entry 2

Hey World!:)

My second stop for Restaurant Week 2014 was the Regency Bar & Lounge located at Terra Nova Hotel (Kingston, Jamaica). I made reservations for 1 pm and went for their lunch menu, as they were apart of the Nyam and Scram section of Restaurant Week. On the menu was the Lobster Mac and Cheese and their Oxtail Tart, you had the option to choose which you preferred to have.

 Lobster Mac & Cheese
Served with Fresh Salad and Garlic Bread

The Lobster Mac and Cheese had visible chunks of lobster, which was a good thing. The mac and cheese was cheesy and nicely flavourful with a crispy topping.

In my head, i thought the Mac and Cheese would be small but oh my word was i wrong! I was full midway through my dish but it was just too good to stop and being the foodie i am, i finished it! ^_^ Don't judge me.

Oxtail Tart
Served with Fresh Salad

Now listen, this Oxtail Tart has boneless properly seasoned tender oxtail with spinners (i love spinners) and beans in a tart shell atop some mashed potato.

Dessert Shots
Trifle Shot (L) and White Chocolate Mousse (R)

The Trifle Shot had rum cake at the bottom with some cherry filling, fruit, white chocolate and whipped cream topped with a cherry. The other was a nice smooth white chocolate mousse with cherry filling, whipped cream and a cherry on top.

The staff was incredibly friendly which i appreciated. 

I thoroughly enjoyed my lunch! Thanks so much Regency.